Room Change

Requesting a Room Change for the Fall Semester

  1. You will be able to submit an online room change request to Campus Housing. You will need to use your Seawolf username and password to access the form. The form will be available starting Monday, August 26 at 8 am through the ResidentWeb. You will click on the green "Enter Here" button under the "Residents Currently Living On-Campus" section.
  2. Campus Housing will forward the request to the applicable Area Coordinator.
  3. In some instances, room changes for lifestyle differences, roommate conflicts, and other requests may require intervention from Residential Education staff with potential agreements being established.
  4. If the room change is approved then the resident will be given one or more vacancies to check out with the assistance of an RA. The resident will meet the potential roommate (if applicable) and one or more housemates of the vacancies. The student will notify the REACH office of the desired room no later than 11:00 a.m. Thursday of that week. 
  5. The resident will come in Friday after 1:30 p.m. to have their SSU Seawolf ID encoded with the new room so they can move over the weekend. The resident will be issued a temporary card for the old room which must be returned to the REACH office the following Monday.
  6. Moving belongings to the new room prior to a scheduled date may jeopardize your eligibility to live on-campus in the future and may put your personal belongings at risk of being donated to a local charity.