Maintenance Assistance

To report a maintenance issue, residents can complete a maintenance work order request online at SSUFixit. Students should receive a work order number so they can follow up with their requests later if the problem has not been fixed.

By submitting a maintenance request online, you are giving Facilities Management the right to enter the residence without someone being present. Facilities will knock first before entering. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, work request will be completed within two business days. Work will not commence prior to 9 am; unless there is an emergency repair needed like a plumbing issue. 

Damages and Repairs

Residents are financially responsible for any damages or excessive cleaning in your living space during the academic year and after you move out of the Residential Community. It is important to record any pre-existing damages on the online Room Condition form to prevent you from being charged. The link to this form is provided to each resident upon moving in or changing rooms. Damage costs are based on labor and materials and are subject to change. Below is an estimation of some of the most common damages.

Damage and Repair Estimates
Item Details Estimate
Door replacement Any crack, hole or sign of wood damage to any door. Do not patch any door yourself. (Closet doors are not including in this pricing.) $266
Bedroom Closet Doors Any crack, hole or sign of wood damage to any bedroom door closet door. $145
Rehanging the Closet Doors If the closet doors are removed from their guide track, Facilities Management will need to rehang them. If you try to rehang them, you risk damaging the door and the wall. $25
Patching a wall Any hole, dent, gouge to a wall or ceiling that causes damage to sheetrock. Do not patch any walls by yourself. You will still be charged. Starting at $20 per hole depending on size
Window Screen Replacement Any tear in screen or damage to the frame. This includes if the window screen is missing or stolen. $35 per window screen
Window Blinds Any tear in blind slats, bent slats, or blinds not functioning properly. Starting at $50 depending on style and size
Excessive cleaning or trash removal Excessive cleaning needed in any area of the residence as notes by room inspection. Starts at $30 per room
Smoke Detectors Tampering with smoke detectors is a life safety issue. Residents found covering or tampering with life safety devices will be subject to judicial sanctions. Tampered or covered smoke detectors will require a device inspection by Facilities Management at the expense of the resident. $75 plus

Pest Management

Facilities Management, Housing Services, and Residential Life work jointly to reduce pest infestations. Pest infestations are often caused by a lack of cleanliness; however, some are not. One of the University's goal is to provide an integrated pest management method that is cost effective and minimizes pesticide risks to students and the environment. This method requires the resident to file a pest work request. 

Computer Assistance

Residents call Information Technology Help Desk at (707) 664-4357 to receive assistance with their computers and the University phone and internet networks.

Access Cards

Students use their Seawolf ID card to gain access to their apartment/suite and bedrooms. If a student is locked out they can visit any one of the three Residential Card Kiosks to receive a 3-day temporary card. If for some reason the kiosks are not working, a student can come to the Housing Office located in the Student Center, 3rd floor to receive a temporary lock-out card. If it's after hours or on the weekends they will need to contact the on-call RA.