Move-in Day

Fall Move-In Day

Move-In for all suites and apartments is Saturday, August 17, 2019.

Check-In Process

Follow this process to speed up your move. Scroll to the bottom to see your check-in time.

  1. Park in the Green Music Center Parking Lots (Lots L, M, N, and O) and report to the Green Music Center at the appropriate check in-time
  2. Stop at your Village table to pick up/program your ID card and room inventory form
  3. Visit the Unloading Map and Permit table for information on unloading and parking for the rest of the day
  4. Stop at these additional resource tables for extra assistance:
  • Residential Education and Campus Housing – housing, meal plan or move-in questions
  • Seawolf Services – if you don’t have an ID card yet
  • Office of Information Technology – find out about internet access and support
  • Alumni Association - learn more about how to get connected to Alumni in the area

5. Drive from Lots L, M, N, or O to your village for unloading, following the Unloading Map and Permit you received in the Green Music Center.


Temporarily stop your vehicle by your village and unload your belongings.

  • Volunteers will help you unload your vehicle and carry items to your room from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Moving carts will be available for check-out with your Seawolf Student ID (if you can bring a hand truck from home, this will expedite your move-in)
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended (if you are moving in by yourself, volunteers watch your belongings until you relocate your vehicle)

As soon as your vehicle is unloaded, relocate it to Long Term Parking (specific location is listed on the Unloading Map and Permit)


On Saturday, August 17, please park in Lots L, M, N, and O (it’s free on Move-In Day) when checking in at the Green Music Center. If your vehicle is over 8 feet tall or you are pulling a trailer, park in the Lot F.  After your vehicle is unloaded, please move it to Long Term Parking (specific location is listed on the Unloading Map and Permit).

Early Arrival

Approved for early arrival? Learn more about the early arrival move-in process.

Late Arrival

If you arrive after 12:30, please review the late arrival move-in process.

Find Your Check-In Time

Your check-in time is based on your housing assignment.  Please review check-in times (link to be updated by August 1) for the specific time we need you to arrive and move-in.