Rates and Paying for Housing (archive)

Rate Schedule

Academic Year License Agreement

The Student Housing License Agreement is a legally binding contract for the full academic year (August through May) or just for the Spring semester (January through May) for new residents in the spring term. This means students don't have to remove their belongings over Winter Break or apply for Spring semester housing if they live on campus Fall semester. 

For sustainability and to conserve energy, the residential buildings are closed over Winter Break.  Residential Education and Campus Housing provides housing off-campus, if needed, for students in the Seawolf Scholars program during this time period.

Housing and Meal Plan Charges

Housing and meal plan charges are placed on students’ accounts in July and December for the next semester, and broken up into 4 installments.  Students have the option of paying the full semester balance in one lump sum or by each installment due date (available on the Rate Schedule)

Meal Plans

All First Year Students living on campus are required to have a meal plan for the full academic year, regardless of their housing assignment.  This is an intentional decision by Sonoma State to ensure students who are new to campus (and for many, living away from family/friends who may provide meals) have access to nutritional food options and are able to interact with other students, staff, and faculty over meals. We have found that this interaction is very helpful in adjusting to and persisting through the challenges of the first year of college.

While Sophomore and Above Students are not required to have a meal plan, it is highly recommended for the same reasons described above.  These students can choose from several meal plan options and purchase one at the Seawolf Service Center. 

For more information about the Kitchens at the Student Center, meal plans, and pricing visit the University Culinary Services site.

How to Make Payments

You can make payments for tuition, fees, room, and meal plan in three ways:

  • Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check: Make checks payable to Sonoma State University. Write the student’s name and Seawolf ID number on the check.  Checks can be dropped off or mailed to:

Seawolf Service Center

 1801 East Cotati Avenue

Rohnert Park, CA 94928

  • Credit/Debit Card: This option is online only - you will log into SSU Online Services and click on the “Payment” button.*
  • eCheck: This option is online only - you will log into SSU Online Services and click on the “Payment” button, then select “eCheck.”

Per Sonoma State University policy, credit or debit cards will be assessed a 2.75% non-refundable service fee.

Late Fees

A $30 late fee is assessed to a student’s account for payments received after the 10th of the month.  Notification of the late fee will be sent via email to your SSU email account informing you to pay your outstanding balance by a certain date. Three or more late payments may jeopardize your campus housing status.

Outstanding balances will be forwarded to a collection agency, who will hold student accountable for the balance and applicable fees.  Being sent to collections may impact your credit rating which may limit your ability to purchase larger items, rent an apartment, among other consequences.

Students with Financial Aid

Students with financial aid may defer their first payment each semester if their award can cover the first housing/meal plan installment in addition to tuition and fees. In order to qualify for this deferment, the student’s parent’s file must be complete in the Financial Aid Office prior to the first installment deadline each semester.

Late fees will not be assessed in August or January if students have enough aid to cover the first installment. 

Guest Access to Student Accounts

Students are able to give parents or other supporters “Guest Access” to their account information, view/print statements, make payments, and/or add Wolfbucks. Guest access also allows for billing notification emails to be sent directly to the guest email address.